About me


Growing up I participated in recreational soccer, gymnastics, swimming and dance, I alternated between these sports with soccer being my primary sport, until elementary school was over and it was time for high school. Once I got to high school, I didn’t play on any sports teams, I participated in an after school club called health club where we were able to do some pretty amazing activities for the community and the school. During my time in the health club we held events in the school teaching CPR to the younger students, hosting blood donation clinics, and wellness events to explain the effects of sugar or the importance of being active. Since I can remember I have been active and doing some form of activity, along with eating a healthy diet, but it wasn’t until I joined this club that I really became interested in health and fitness.

As a typical teenager I spent a lot of time on the Internet and on Youtube. One day I came across a channel called Bolgilates, with instructor Cassey Ho. Casey made videos of herself doing Pilates to pop music. I decided to try some of these videos out and quickly became addicted. I continued doing her videos daily and began to see changes in my body, and loved it. I came across a few other channels, which also have inspired me to pursue health, and fitness and I can confidently say that these people, which I have never, even met, have changed my life and will be the reason for my future career decisions.

During high school I did end up spiralling into an eating disorder, however, I have learned so much from it and it has truly changed me to who I am today. In the early portion of grade 9 I decided to go vegetarian, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would say doing so was partly what made me enter my eating issues. With the combination of doing Pilates and changing my diet, I began to loose weight, which I did not need to. After finishing highschool and moving out I have gone completely vegan and I been able to use veganism, to get myself out of the vicious cycle of anorexia. Veganism has completely changed my life for the better. I am an ethical vegan and along with being vegan for its tremendous health and environmental benefits. The amount of people I have been able to inform about veganism and provide with information to, open their eyes to the realities of animal cruelty and to the health benefit brings such joy to me to see the small changes they make to possibly live a more plant based life.

Through my time in college I learned a lot about talking about mental health and trying to break the stigma of talking about any mental health issues you may be facing. I try to influence others to keep a positive mindset through encouraging them to believe in themselves and that’s what I plan to do with this website.

So thats me, just a 20 year old fresh out of school trying to share a little about my love for health, fitness and keeping a positive mindset ❤