Why are animals still being used as entertainment and held in captivity?

Throughout history animals have been used as entertainment for humans, whether it was in arenas to fight each other, circuses, aquariums or zoos. It is the twenty first century and we are still holding these poor animals hostage out of their physiological habitat. Why? Just so humans can watch an elephant dance on its toes or a whale do a flip? But then what? What happens to these animals after the show is over?

Many people are blind to what happens behind the pretty show that they paid for.

Take a deeper look into one of the most popular aids of animal captivity and entertainment, zoos. Think of the animals you will see in a zoo; a panda, polar bear, koala, dolphin, each of these animals are from a different geological habitat and yet they are all being held a few steps from each other.

Not only are these animals being held in the wrong habitat, they are presumably in an arena too small for them to grow and to be free. When an animal is in the wild, they have an endless possibly of directions and distance to travel, where as, when held in a zoo, there is a restriction on distance and direction due to a predetermined tank/ exhibit size.

Another major source of animal captivity would be aquariums. Aquariums are becoming more popular for having dolphins and sharks as larger mammals and they are being held in these small tanks that are not even comparable to the size of the ocean. Not only are these mammals being held in tiny tanks but they are also being trained to do flips and tricks, so that the company can make some more money from the show.


It is time for people to realize that these are not the appropriate living conditions for animals and it is really harming them and the natural population cycle. I will not be caught at any of these places to support this, and I hope you won’t be either. All lives matter.



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