Setting Goals & Believing In Yourself

Take a second to think, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is where you are now in your life, where you think you should be to reach that 5 year goal? Or are you just settling, and going with the flow?

If there is something I have learned in this last year, it is that you have to take chances, and that you are going to have to work hard and put in that time and effort to get yourself to where you want to be. Setting goals for yourself gives you something to strive and work for. Without having goals, it is like you are wasting time in my opinion, and time is limited. Therefore, you should work for a purpose.

When you set a goal for yourself,  that sense of accomplishment after the goal has been reached is like no other. To know that you have put all that time and effort into something for a period of time, and to see the outcome you have worked for is so rewarding. You can have long term or short term goals, but having a set deadline makes these goals more attainable.  I know we have all made a goal for ourselves and bailed out early before it has been reached. I’m definitely guilty of that, but we need to think of why? Why did we bail out early before we reached it? We set it for a reason, but what was it that made us quit? Did me make an irrational, unattainable goal?  Did we make a goal where we simply didn’t believe enough in ourself to reach it?

If your goal is to change a habit or lose weight or gain weight, or to reach a certain PR in the gym, these are all long term goals and are not going to happen over night. People in today’s society are to into quick fixes and not into putting in the effort to make the change necessary to reaching their goal. So they simply go with the easy way and end up failing. These examples are hard things to change, it is hard to change something that has built up for so long. There ARE going to be struggles and it may not work the first time, but you need to think about what it is that made you want to reach that goal in the beginning. As said by Michael Jordan, ” The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of your lack of effort,” You have to want to change, in order to make a change.

With all this being said, sometimes you are going to have people say that you shouldn’t do something, or it is never going to happen. In most cases, if you stick to it you can prove them wrong, and you will make that change and you will be so satisfied with yourself. Not saying you need to set out to prove someone wrong but if that’s what it takes to light a fire in you, run with it! Go for it, reach that end goal, work hard and progress to the next goal.

What I am trying to say is that if you want to do something or change something, you have the power and the ability to do it. You will probably struggle along the way, but that is just part of the process. Change takes time but if you keep with it and work hard and do all that you can to make it happen, it will!


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