Lessons Learned & Knowledge Gained

In honour of my two year vegan anniversary this past week I decided to write out the top ten things I learned since starting this journey.

  • People will judge you, accept you and try and prove you wrong
    •  When the word vegan comes up in a conversation there are many ways someone will react. Some people will try and question you and try and belittle you because you are doing something out of the “norm”, others with question you in a positive way because maybe they themselves wanted to try but don’t know how and want your help and the last type of person I’ve encountered was someone who just accepts what you are doing and lets you be.
  • Eating out is only a struggle if you make it one
    • If you are the only one in your family who is vegan, often times, everyone isn’t going to go to an all vegan restaurant just for you, so that means you will have to work your way through a menu and make things vegan.  Restaurants are willing to make dietary changes for you, you just need to know what to ask. Sometimes its as easy as taking the cheese off or switching the bread, other times the chef may have to make something for you. Myself, unless I’m going out specifically to a plant based restaurant I will find something to work even if it doesn’t completely fill me just so I can spend the time with whoever I am with and eat again once I am home.
  • Raw vegan deserts are AMAZING 
    • 3 words… Raw Vegan Brownies ❤
  • Eat good- feel good
    • When you are eating food that is good for you and your body, your body will thank you for it. Your skin will thank you, your hair will thank you, your nails and digestive system will thank you. I was vegetarian for 4 years prior to making the switch to veganism and when I was transitioning from vegetarian to vegan I still noticed a difference getting rid of the small amounts of animal products I was still consuming.
  • You will have more energy
    • Going along with the previous point, eating well brings back life, your energy will go up when you are fuelling your body with the right foods.
  • Supplements are unnecessary to get all your vitamins 
    • When you are eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables there is really no need to be taking vitamin supplements as long as you are eating a wide variety of colours and foods. Taking note and paying attention to the vitamins that may seem harder to get from plant based foods such as calcium, iron and B12. You make an effort each day to include sources of these foods to ensure you are getting a sufficient amount.
  • Nutritional yeast is your best friend
    • This is one of those foods when you have it on your food and people notice it they question you what it is. Not many people are aware of this food, but they should be, in such a small serving of 2 Tbsp you are getting 6g of protein and all your B12 for the day. I add this so so many different dishes to add a slightly nutty and cheesy flavour.
  • Veganism saved me from continuing with an eating disorder
    • I can 100% say that making the switch to a vegan diet helped to to get myself out of the depth of an eating disorder. Veganism has changed my life for the better and its amazing to know I am helping the planet, the animals and myself from doing this.
  • You are making a change in the world no matter how small 
    • Veganism is out of the “norm” of what people are used to. Although it is gaining popularity it is still something different. Veganism plays a vital role in the environment and saving animals.  Yes, you are just one person, however, the effects of one person adds up. 
  • Yes, we do get our protein and can build muscle
    • The biggest myth about vegans is that we don’t get our protein. There are tons of plant based protein sources where you can get a sufficient amount of protein. (Beans, rice, tofu, nuts, green vegetables, peas). There are many famous athletes who are vegan whether endurance athlete or body building athlete, it is still possible to get all the protein you need and then some.


I have learned so much in these last 2 years about veganism, myself and influencing others about this lifestyle and will continue to learn and grow in this lifestyle ❤





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