Top 5 Booty Building Exercises

Everyone now a days is always trying to to get that round lifted booty and here are my top 5 exercises to get you that booty you are looking for! These exercises target all aspects of the glutes and surrounding muscles!

So here they are, my top 5 exercises to build and lift that booty!

Hip Thrusts



This is the exercise of all exercises where you will feel the most glute isolation. This exercise targets the gluteus maximus and is a form of hip extension.

When preforming this exercise you want to set up (Left Photo) with either a pre-weighted barbell or a bar you load, and a bench. placing your scapula on the bench and the bar over your hips you will extend your hips into full extension (right photo) while squeezing your glutes together as if you had a $100 bill in between and didn’t want it to fall.

As you can see in the middle photo compared to the right photo, my hips are not fully extended in the middle therefore you don’t get as much of a squeeze as you would with full extension as in the right photo.

There are a few different variations that can also be made with this exercise such as keeping your weight up into your heels and bringing your toes off the ground or bringing your feet out farther from your body to feel more hamstring working.

Single Leg Assisted Pull-up Press Downs- 3 variations



Targets glute maximus primarily, however, depending on the variation you are doing can target additional muscles. The bottom three pictures display 3 variations possible, on the (left) I am pressing down on the pad on the side opposing my stationary leg to target more adductors. The (middle), where my foot is pointing towards my stationary foot allows for even more isolation to the glutes. The photo on the (right) has my foot placed on the pad right next to my stationary foot, this allows me to add in adductor and abductors as well.

To perform this exercise, using the opposing arm to the working leg, grip the machine as well as the hand on the same side as the working leg and the handle, doing this will give you balance and help to avoid arching your lower back or sticking your booty out to push down the weight.

Single leg Side Leg Press 


This move right here is what is going to help you get that lifted booty, targeting the area right under your glutes.

To preform this exercise you want to lean to one side and place the working foot on the leg press near the opposite top corner, this will allow you to have a better range of motion when pressing the weight back up and allow for a better muscle contraction.

This is one of those love- hate kind of moves, it just burns so good :p

Frog Feet Leg Press


Yet another variation to the leg press, this time we are going to place our heels together and have our toes flare out. Once again this allows for a bigger rang of motion when pressing as well as targeting more of the lower posterior chain muscles. Think about bringing your knees back and out when lowering the weight and as you press think about bringing your legs back together also squeezing your adductors.

Barbell Step Up 


Last but not least we have the barbell step up, this exercise in addition to working your legs really gets your heart rate up which is great to burn those extra calories. Depending on your fitness level will determine the height of your step, the higher the step the harder the exercise in addition to the amount of weight on your back.  Typically I prefer to complete all reps on one side before switching to the opposite to feel the most burn I can but you can also preform this alternating feet.

To complete this exercise you will start with one foot flat on the bench/ step, press through all aspects of your foot and bring the trail leg up to the bench also, and then return to standing on the ground.


Good luck sitting tomorrow 🙂


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