Top 3 Health & Fitness Podcasts

If you ask any of the people I am close with they will tell you about how much I love podcasts and how much I ask and try to get other people to start listening.  Podcasts are such a useful tool when you are listening to truly educated and end experienced people.

We all are busy people and sometimes you believe you “don’t have the time” to read so listening to podcasts is the next best choice, you can be sitting, driving, walking doing what ever you need to be doing when listening to podcasts and there are so many topics and people you can listen to.  Podcasts give you the ability to further your knowledge and open your mind to topics you are interested in simply by listening.

These are the top 3 health and fitness podcasts I listen to:

  1. Bucci Radio

“The Bucci Radio Podcast was created with the purpose of diving deeper into health, fitness mindset and entrepreneurship in order to provide MORE to those who are hungry for it, and create a community of goal and growth oriented people, who want to consume incredibly valuable insight and information. Our goal is to #IGNITEYOURFIRE to take massive action in your own life by learning from experts on health, fitness, entrepreneurship, and the mindset necessary to succeed and be happy.”

Why I love this podcast: 

Amanda Bucci has such a positive vibe to her and is always looking for the best in every situation, she speaks a lot about bettering yourself and doing your best to reaching your goals. This podcast goes beyond just health and fitness and speaks a lot about entrepreneurship and starting your own business. She interviews other fellow YouTubers, athletes, coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs. Episodes range from 20 mins to just over an hour.

  1. Beyond the Podcast

“Beyond the podcast is a show hosted by popular lifestyle/ fitness YouTuber Brian Turner wherein he discusses various topics of all types with rotating guests as they become available”

Why I love this podcast:

Brian Turner is a vegan bodybuilding YouTuber who speaks on a wide range of topics with various people. He is super funny and enthusiastic when he speaks which makes listening enjoyable. Brian also struggled a lot with acne and bullying and speaks on how he overcame these obstacles as well. Podcast length ranges from 15mins to just over an hour.

  1. Ice Cream 4PRs Podcast

“This podcast is dedicated to discussions and interviews with the fitness community’s best science-based coaches, researchers and elite level athletes.”

Why I love this podcast:

Jeff Nippard is known on Youtube for his super informative, science-based videos, this podcast is an extension of those videos and where continues his informative content. He references reviewed articles in his explanations on the desired podcasts topic. His podcasts are primarily solo but the odd time has an interview with a fellow athlete and range from 45 mins to 2 1/2 hrs.





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